Information And FAQ

Your hair is the crown you don’t take off, and often it is this crown that can make or break a look. Your hairstyle can dramatically affect your overall appearance. And that is why we love what we do with such passion. We are firm believers that a hairstyle of any length can be beautiful in its own right. Some women prefer a more manageable or functional shorter style. And other women prefer a longer style full of luscious locks. Whichever style you prefer, and everything in between, hair extensions are a great way to add length, body and thickness to your style.

Instant Length

Length is the primary reason why our clients choose to add hair extensions to their beauty regime. Sometimes you just don’t have time to wait the months or even years it takes for your natural hair to grow to your desired length. Or perhaps you have an event coming up and you want a long style but then afterwards you want to return to your more manageable shorter cut.

Experimenting with Styles

Apart from length, there are numerous hairstyles that you may want to try but just aren’t able to with your current natural hair. This is where extensions come in, they will allow you to experiment with all of the styles you have been wondering about. Curly long locks, that gorgeous mermaid look with voluptuous waves, or silky straight hair like a red-carpet celebrity. Whatever you desire, extensions can help to bring the style to life.

Body and Thickness

For some, they are fortunate enough to already have luscious long locks. But they are chasing that little bit extra. Hair extensions are a great way to add body and thickness to your hair. For women with fine hair, the addition of extensions can dramatically enhance their hairstyle and give them more confidence and the ability to explore hairstyles that once were not an option.


Are your extensions real human hair?

Yes. Although there are still many salons who are providing their clients with hair that is not 100% Remy. We have searched and tested many different suppliers and have found what we believe to be one of the few who supply hair which is of the highest grade, that is 100% Remy, double drawn hair and contains no mix blends. It is only human hair of the best quality. We have also decided to only supply the most premium hair extensions, being Russian Remy hair.

Why Russian hair?

Our search for the best in human hair extensions took many years of trial and error. Most lower quality extensions come with a coating to ensure they feel amazing when touched and inspected straight from the pack. It’s not until you wear them and wash them under normal conditions that the true quality of your extensions reveal themselves. We believe that our Remy Russian hair is the highest quality available today. Its original colour has not been altered by more than a few shades, thus making it healthier hair & easier to maintain. We made the decision to only stock Russian hair, because when given the choice, wouldn’t you choose the best?

Are the extensions Remy hair?

Absolutely! We stand behind the hair we use, and guarantee that our hair is 100% premium human Remy hair. Remy hair means that the extension is made from hair that is collected with each individual strand running in the same direction. Typically cut from a pony tail. This guarantees that the cuticle layer of the strands is facing in the same direction from root to tip, resulting in significantly less chances of tangled unnatural looking and feeling hair.

What lengths do you offer?

We offer a gorgeous standard length of 22” (55cm) this allows for a fantastic result should you be after instant long locks, but it also allows us the freedom to explore styles with you, should you wish to have a shorter length. Any longer and the extensions become harder to maintain and will contain physically less strands of hair (as each extension has an average weight of 1gram.)

How many colours are available?

We have access to 24 different shades of extensions across all our application methods. This allows us to match as near as possible to your own natural colour and less need for colouring extremes.


What application methods do you offer?

We offer three application methods that we feel don’t put too much stress on the scalp or your natural hair. These include iTip (or Micro Bead), Micro Tape, and Skinweft (invisible) Tape.

How many extensions do I need for a Full Head?

For a full head, we suggest using 100g, however for very thick or shorter, blunt hairstyles, we suggest using 150g. This will help to give a more natural seamless blend. Each person’s needs and desired outcome is different. Your stylist will also be able to help determine the ideal amount of extensions required.

Can I colour my extensions?

Many of our clients colour their extensions with no adverse effects at all. It is safe to apply a semi-permanent colour to the extensions, it’s real human hair after all. We do not recommend attempting to bleach or lighten your hair extensions as this may cause irreversible damage to your extensions. We will assist you in choosing extensions that are the best colour match to your natural hair, achieving amazing results.

How long will my extensions last?

That depends a lot on you. We want you to get the most out of your extensions and for them to last you as long as possible while continuing to feel fabulous. Therefore, we only recommend the use of salon professional haircare products. By following the correct care and maintenance your extensions should last up to between 6-9 months.

What products can I use on my new hair?

It is critical that you only use the products recommended to you on your gorgeous new locks. We want your extensions to last you a long time and continue to feel fabulous, therefore, we only recommend the use of Salon Professional Haircare products. Your new hair isn’t cheap so don’t ruin it by using cheap supermarket or chemist products. Look after your hair and it will last longer and feel so much healthier all the while.

How do I care for my new hair?

Having hair extensions is not an easy addition to your beauty routine. They are a high maintenance investment and should be treated as such. If you are not ready to maintain your new hair, perhaps extensions aren’t for you. After you have had your hair extensions applied you will be given a take home care pack with a helpful guide as to the correct care and maintenance of your fabulous new hair. Also, we are here to help should you have any questions along the way.